Friday, February 16, 2024

Registration is Open for the Spring RaDAR Rally April 6th, 2024

RaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio conceived by Eddie Leighton ZS6BNE. RaDAR encourages outdoor operating with a unique challenge: make five contacts and redeploy as fast as possible in four hours. The RaDAR Challenge has become the RaDAR Rally with some rule tweaks. Please take a look at the complete rules here. If you are interested, please make your plans and register. Registration will facilitate RaDAR to RaDAR contacts. Email your registration info below to the RaDAR Rally POC, Greg Lane, at I'll accept registrations through April 4th UTC. If your plans change, send me an update. This is not a contest; it is just for fun! Check out this intro video and the Spring 2024 roster here.

Registration info includes:
Day (Sat or Sun),
Start UTC
QRP (Y or N)
Spotting method (optional)

Good luck,

Greg N4KGL

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