Sunday, April 7, 2024

April 2024 RaDAR Rally Reports

Our RaDAR Rally photo album is here.

Sherri n5uxi:

My Antenna and radio a Yaesu 857 D
MFJ antenna that telescopes
Had a blast!

John KH6RF/KL7:

Had a blast doing the RaDAR Rally today. I tuned around but didn’t hear any of the other participants. I did work lots of DX, though: Finland, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia & Japan. Here’s my report:

Name: John Pfeifer
Call: KH6RF/KL7
Day: Saturday
Venue: 5 Alaska POTA references
Start: 1900z
Conveyance: Pickup Truck
Band: 20m
Modes: Mostly CW, a bit of SSB
QRP: No (70 watts)
Number of QSOs:
Zero R-to-R,
no other QSOs,
7 Deployments,
?? Bonus Points

(I was a POTA activator for all of my QSOs. Two were park-to-park QSOs.)

Eight-digit grid squares for your deployments:

BP51CB08, BP51C87, BP51EA00, BP50GX33, BP50HW83, BP50LV07 & BP50LU94

Thanks & 73,


Lucy M6ECG:

I made three vehicle deployments and one by bicycle. My best contacts were three into Australia from Deployment #1 one of whom works as a Flying Doctor!
Conditions windy and cold but dry. Propagation excellent. I had a great time! See below:

Greg N4KGL:

Tom WD0HBR was my teammate during the April 2024 RaDAR Rally. Our venue was Falling Waters State Park in Florida. Tom, Suzy, and I walked the trails to four locations within four hours making five contacts at each on 20 meters. We used the FX-4CR rig on SSB with both the SOTABeams 40-30-20 link dipole and the Alexloop mag loop. The last stop was my favorite, using the Elecraft KH-1 running five-watt CW. It is a handheld rig with a four-foot whip antenna. I got the last five there for a total of twenty contacts. The weather could not have been better. Tom and I enjoyed our team's RaDAR outing.

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